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Finger Lakes winery tours, Finger Lakes limo, Charles Limousine Service.
Finger Lakes winery tours
     I do not render service to "partiers" or people whose intentions are to get drunk.  Drinking alcoholic beverages in the vehicle is not permitted.  There is a five hundred dollar cleaning fee for vomiting in the vehicle.              
     I am Charles Holmes, your host.  I offer expert winery and brewery tours in the Finger Lakes Region.  I will be glad to take you to the wineries and breweries of your choice.  If you would rather, I can make educated suggestions.  Whether you prefer a magnificent, dry red, a crisp chardonnay or a wonderful Riesling, I will take you to where the finest wines in the Finger Lakes are made!
      We will use a Dodge Grand Caravan SXT.  It is the top of-the-line Dodge minivan.  It rides as smoothly as a luxury car yet is easier to get in and out of.  It seats up to six adults comfortably.  Your tour is private in that strangers will not share the vehicle with you.               
      There are three reasons why drinking alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the vehicle.
     You may snack in the vehicle.  I will provide bottles of cold water.
     You state what time your tour starts and stops.  I ask for at least four hours, please.  I will pick up your party and you at any location in the Finger Lakes.  I service the entire Finger Lakes Region.
      I can recommend a restaurant for lunch, if you would like.  You are encouraged to bring snacks.  I will provide bottles of cold water.  I frequently travel the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail and the Keuka Lake Wine Trail. 
     Regarding gratuity, the service of my winery tours is at least very good if not excellent.  I will charge 15% gratuity to those winery tours guests who do not offer gratuity at the end of the tour.
       I will share some history on the vineyards.  This will allow you to gain a better appreciate the wineries and wines.  There are several wine makers, in the Finger Lakes, that immigrated to the United States from other countries.  Each was an expert in wine making at their respective country.  They brought their talents to the Finger Lakes making it a world-renowned wine making region.  Riesling grapes excel in the climate of the Finger Lakes.  Rieslings are available in dry, semi-day, semi-sweet and sweet.  Finger Lakes Rieslings are known around the world.!
    The beauty of the Finger Lakes is breath-taking!  With vineyards, lakes and fields of wheat, soy beans and corn, the scenery will leave you in awe!  August and September are most beautiful with the clusters of grapes hanging on the vines.
     There are eleven Finger Lakes in all (from east to west)  Otisco, Skaneateles, Owasco, Cayuga, Seneca, Keuka, Canandaigua, Honeoye, Conesus, Hemlock and Canadice.)   Each lake is long and narrow (like your fingers);  hence, the name.  Cayuga Lake is the longest at forty-one miles.  Seneca Lake is the deepest at six hundred, forty-six feet.  Keuka Lake is the only 'Y' shaped lake in the United States.
     People find me to be a likable gentleman.  I conduct myself professionally with out being too stuffy.  My clients describe me as genuine and sincere.
     There is a $50.00 fee for cancelling your reservation.   
     Please call 315-559-8540 or email [email protected] for a reservation. 
     Thank you.
Finger Lakes winery tours, Finger Lakes limo, Charles Limousine Service