Finger Lakes Winery Tours and Chauffeur Service

Charles Limousine Service


     I am Charles Sears Holmes III, Proprietor of Charles Limousine Service.  

My motto:  To treat my guests the way I would want to be treated.

My Background:  
I started working at my Father's service station at the age of twelve.  My Dad taught many valuable lessons during those years.  Practicing courtesy was among them.  I have studied and taught Tae-Kwon-Do for eight years which taught me the value of discipline and humility.  I am a Veteran of the United States Air Force during the Viet-Nam War, which taught additional organizational skills and discipline.  

My Experience:
     *  Over 400 chauffeured winery tours in the past seven years.
     *  55 years of customer service experience,
     *  29 years of experience at being self-employed,
     *  15 years of chauffeuring experience,
     *  Organized, disciplined, humble and kind,

My Goal:
     For you to receive quality chauffeur service.